Late Autumn Atmosphere

Howdy again!

For those who don’t know yet, my favorite seasons are spring and autumn. More exactly when the weather is beautiful outside. When it’s not too hot or too cold! I love these seasons because then I can create the best outfits without being tangled by the weather. I can wear sweaters, thin jackets and do not die of heat or of cold! Or I can easily create an outfit like this one from today!

Come on, let me introduce it to you!

For this photo session I took a Zara shirt from my wardrobe. It’s one of my favorite shirts! I took a blazer from ASOS, the coat bought from H&M and the beautiful hat purchased from NoHow!

I wore a pair of jeans from Cheap Monday and on my feet I took a pair of Nike Huarache!

I completed the outfit with a watch and an anchor bracelet from H&M.

I really like this outfit! What is your opinion?

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