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21st century! The century of false uniqueness..

..21st century

.. the century of democracy, the century of rush, of false uniqueness, of selling for popularity!

We live in the century in which people have less and less respect and self-esteem.

I see men dressing their wives as if they were prostitutes, helping them to put in highlight things which should be cherished. Men who accept that what only they should see, what should be hidden to produce charm at the right time, is now being exposed to everyone. Being exposed, lying themselves that this is elegance and uniqueness!

A world full of wretched freaks, so that if you’re dressed normally, you’re the one that is considered a freak!

I live in a world in which the concept of honor and dignity doesn’t exist anymore, a world in which ,,YES’’ can also mean ,,NO’’ and ,,NO’’ can also mean ,,YES”. A world in which you can count only on people who say ,,I Promise”.

A world in which people falsely declare that they believe in God, when they actually sit with the bottle of alcohol in their hand, lacking any understanding of their religion. It is a world in which the concept of jealousy is considered shameful and modesty is a disadvantage. People have forgotten what love means and they are simply looking for a simple partner! A world in which women don’t want kids and men don’t take the responsibility to found a family but they are looking for short-term adventures.


A world in which people spend large amounts of money on cars or on their repair for any small scratch, while they are so poor, but they think that a luxury car covers this. A world in which idiots see themselves important, sitting behind the wheel of expensive cars that actually belong to their parents, wearing hundred euro worth clothes, spending their parents’ money on drinks and night clubs. And imagine that girls fall in love with these idiots! A world in which idiots see themselves important and anyone who has a bit of influence is trying to show you that you are a nobody. And all these things happen just because there is no emphasis on true values.

It’s a world where gender differences are getting smaller. Women wear large pants and short haircuts. Men wear skinny fit pants and outfits very similar to the feminine ones.

Men and women  are no longer identifiable.. and this represents unicity…liberty of choice. But this is no longer true for those who choose a different way because they will be called fogey and narrow-minded.

I choose my way, but it is a shame that some people are lost in such a dramatic way…


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